Overseas Missions


Here at Calvary Chapel Newport News, we believe that every mature believer must reach out by sharing Jesus. In obedience to the Great Commission, we not only seek to make disciples domestically but also internationally to the ends of the earth.

Over the years, Calvary Chapel Newport News has sent out members on several short-term mission trips to the countries of Honduras and Kenya. We seek to empower our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ by leading conferences for pastors and church leaders and teaching Vacation Bible School for children while also ministering to those in orphanages and detention centers. In addition, as the opportunities arise, we seek to perform various service projects.

Once God opens the door for a short-term mission trip, we have an application and interview process, as well as rigorous training to prepare those being sent. Lastly, while each team is on the mission field, we have a 24 hour prayer chain to pray for each member’s safety and effectiveness in ministry.

In 2014. Panama Mission Trip


The excitement and energy was abundantly present on Friday, May 5th, for the Philly Mission Trip Fundraiser. It was encouraging to see so many sisters and brothers come by to enjoy the delicious food and show their support. The Philly Mission Team, led by Pastor Reggie, made sure that prayer was a priority as each new group of volunteers who came in prayed together for the Lord to receive the honor and glory for everything that was done. Kudos to the Fundraiser Team who put together a lovely dinner which included ribs, wings, pulled chicken, pulled pork, hotdogs, and more!

Although many individuals had to “eat and run,” those who stayed for the movie laughed, cried, and applauded throughout the inspiring film, “Woodlawn.” It was a story of how a bold man of faith introduced a high school football team to Christ and demonstrated how belief in Jesus Christ transformed a culture of hate to a brotherhood of love. That is certainly a message that is needed today and reminds us all of how obeying the word of God, by taking the message of Christ to an inner-city area in Philadelphia, can have long-term effects for the Kingdom.

The whole Philly Mission Team wants to thank everyone who came and bought a meal or donated to the trip (which many did). The generous donations and purchases helped the Team raise over $950. A rough count of the participants yielded 75, but there were many more who came and volunteered, gave anonymously, or got their food “to go.” The volunteers who came to support the trip did an outstanding job and the Mission Team had an opportunity to see how we can work together to serve others and make a difference for Christ.

We know that we can depend on the Lord to stir the hearts of our brothers and sisters in Christ to support us in prayer, finances, and in every other way! What an encouragement!

We ask for continued prayer that:

  1. The Lord will bring the team of people together that He wants to come together to serve Him on the Philadelphia Mission Team.
  2. Job or home or financial issues will not keep anyone from coming.
  3. The Lord be honored and glorified in everything that is done in preparation for the trip and on the actual trip.
  4. The team will be unified and harmonious and work together in a way that will be a testimony of God’s love to any who are watching.
  5. The Lord will grant safety and protect the health of all those who are preparing to go on the trip.
  6. The Lord will be preparing and softening the hearts of those to whom we will be ministering.
  7. The Lord will help us to be a source of encouragement and help those already working in this mission field and that they be strengthened and supported by our presence there.
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